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Valley + Vetiver

Automeris cecrops Terrarium Earrings

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$9.99 USD
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$16.00 USD
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$9.99 USD

∴ Real butterfly wings, moss, crystals, gold flakes, and flowers. Wings are broken, which is reflected in price.

∴ Cork in UNSECURED! Moss can live up to 10 years or more if kept moist every once in a blue moon. This is why the bottle is left unsealed. If you would like me to seal the bottle, please leave me a note at checkout. 

∴ Gold plated french ear posts. Gauge-friendly 1" hoops can be substituted instead of the french posts - just leave a note with your order!

∴ Because these earrings are handmade, please note that there may be slight imperfections and variations in color from the photos. There are multiple pairs of this design. You will receive a pair at random!

∴ For Best Care:
• Store in a cool, dry place
• Be gentle, as glass can break
• If you need to clean, gently wipe with water & cotton swab
• Smile in your new earrings, because you are beautiful & deserve to feel it!

∴ Please read shipping and refund policies before buying!